Mood Board Monday

Monday, May 11, 2020

Hello.  Welcome to mood board Monday, where I show my various mood board projects and share their inspirations.

Today's mood board started with this beautiful soft pink velvet sofa and went on from there.  I used various resources such as Wisteria, High Fashion Home (HFH), Williams Sonoma Home (WS), Cost Plus, Lulu & George and more.  I posted the item's name and resource underneath each.

I call this look a Sophisticated Cottage Eclectic blend.  I have used a variety of styles here with a common theme of gold, soft colors and light not heavy furnishings.

For the paint hues in the upper right hand corner I used C2 paint in Nuance (pale grey blue) and Serene (creamy neutral).  Now I will be converting this into a Photoshop room, so stay posted for that.

The Case For Curtains

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Hello everyone!  Today's post is about curtains.  Not just any curtains mind you.  But bold, beautiful custom curtains that take your interior decor scheme from good to fabulous!

One of the reasons that I personally love interior design is looking at all of the wonderful patterns and colors that exist in fabrics and wallpapers.  From cottage floral, to modern designs, to geometric, textured and more, it just excites me to look at all of this visual eye candy and think of all the possibilities of mixing and matching.  To add this in as part of your design process is the ultimate in creative joy.

However, it has sadly been my experience that curtains are an element that long gets overlooked in the design process, most especially here in the US, but not so much in Europe and the UK in general.  In Europe you will see gorgeous floor to ceiling custom curtains in the most beautiful fabrics and it really makes quite the wow factor and completes the room adding such character.

Courtesy of Sanderson Fabrics
Just take note of the above photo, here we have some, what appear to be, floor to ceiling curtains (or draperies if you prefer) in a fun nature inspired fruity floral pattern.  The sideboard (or cabinet) and the lamp pick up on some of the bright colors found in the curtains, and on top of that, this rather relaxed country look is paired with a geometrical modern style grey wallpaper.  It's not an obvious choice to put together but works incredibly well in my opinion.  

Now just imagine for a moment, if you take the curtain element out of here.  How would this room look?  I think it would look perfectly fine, but most definitively less exciting.  The curtains (and I haven't even mentioned the added layering of the patterned roman shade behind them) really add to this and fully complete the design look.

Courtesy of Sanderson Fabrics
In the above photo we have some patterned curtains that pick up the green in the ottoman.  Again as with the previous photo, taking the curtain element out, the room would be perfectly fine, but they do add that extra excitement.

Do take a look at Sanderson fabrics, they are based in the UK, but have some gorgeous English Countryside, nature influenced prints. 

Courtesy of Sanderson Fabrics
 As a designer we would love to be able to add this element into our design process, but alas, when customers hear of the cost that idea gets tossed out the window.  To be sure custom made curtains are quite a bit more expensive, (due to fabric yardage costs and labor, more in another post) however they should not be left out and should seriously be considered as one of the many layered elements that is a part of your final design.  

The below photo reminds me of Doris Day in Pillow Talk, wherein she plays an interior designer in the 1950s 60s which is probably the very last era where custom draperies were popular.  Draperies and window treatments were an integral staple in every design scheme and to leave the windows bare or with just a plain white window shade would have been unthinkable.  

But do note how these draperies complete this whole look.  It's rather a bit overwhelming but they do make quite the statement.

Courtesy of Betty Pepis Designs
 Just a comparison below of your standard store bought curtain panel on the left and something a bit more creative and exciting on the right which really is almost the main focus and completes the contemporary modern look and feel of the space.

Brookstone® Zoey Solid Rod Pocket 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panel

On a last note it is currently more on trend to hang your curtain rod right at ceiling level or anywhere 5" down from the ceiling.  This will make your room appear much more spacious and walls seem a bit higher.  This rather than hanging directly above the window as has been the custom in the past.  You can see how they did this on the right photo and I think they even could have gone all the way to the ceiling for an even more dramatic effect. 

Inspired Paint Palette For Your Home

Thursday, April 23, 2020

I saw this picture in a Better Homes & Garden magazine that I was flipping through and just loved the soft colors and textures as well as the serene look of it. It made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

I became inspired and decided I would try something fun and translate this picture into a contemporary interior setting.  This is rather like working backwards by starting with an inspiring image rather than adding an artwork that fits in later on. 

However, since I really loved this image it made sense that I could use this as a starting point for an interior decor scheme that would work for me.  I started by choosing a neutral color palette that mimicked the colors I was most attracted to. I used my own personal paint swatches (in this case PPG paint).  After you have your palette decided upon you can then use this as the basis of colors for your room. Subsequently deciding which should be the wall color, main color and accent colors. See my palette below.

This can then be translated in different ways by going contemporary, cottage, modern, eclectic etc. Below is a contemporary look using this palette. Though I would go a little more modern using lighter colored wood and the lovely blue on the walls.

I hope you have enjoyed this experiment and maybe you can use this technique to help you with deciding on your own paint palette. If you would like my assistance in translating a picture or artwork that you love into a paint palette please head over to my website and contact me, I would be happy to assist. 

Green Thumb Interiors

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What.. You don't have a green thumb? Well fortunately you don't need to have one to create beautiful green lush interiors.  Green is having it's moment in interior design with some lovely hues ranging from avocado, bright pear, dark hunter green, and some leaning towards teal.

Note below the gorgeous fern patterned curtains along with an avocado green velvet pillow and green glass, both the straw ottoman and sisal rug add to the natural feel of the scene as well.

Courtesy of Sanderson Fabrics
These beautiful colors of green have a calming effect and elicit a sense of nature.  Studies have shown that when people are connecting with the great outdoors with nature inspired activities, they feel calmer, happier and more inspired.  So why not bring that feeling indoors.

Above a pear colored velvet chair mixed in with a modern theme featuring wood and lots of willowy plants to bring it together.  Want to go even more daring, you can even add some fun wallpaper to create a lush green effect as shown below.

Ashford Tropics Wallpaper

Daisy Bennett Anthology Resource

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